Municipal Web Solutions

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Municipal Web Solutions

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Choose from 5 CiviKit Solutions, each tailored to uniquely boost your municipalities community engagement, communication, and access to information.

  1. CiviKit Municipal Websites
  2. CiviKit Staff Intranet 
  3. CiviKit Community App 
  4. CiviKit Recreation Guide
  5. CiviKit Engagement Platform 

Municipal Website

As an essential tool for every municipality, we believe all governments should have the ability to effectively communicate and share information with their community. With our municipal website templates every government, regardless of size, can have access to a beautiful, ready-made, highly functional website that is affordable and easy to maintain. 

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Community Engagement Platform

Community input in government projects is a critical part of public engagement. Our community engagement platform keeps your community up-to-date on all projects and initiatives in a an easy to use, engaging platform which facilitates two way communication. 

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Community App

We know it can be difficult to keep your community up-to-date at all times, and that's why we developed our CiviKit app. Our app connects directly with your municipal website and keeps your community connected with push notifications and information updates in real-time.  

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Staff Intranet

In-house organization is crucial for supporting an effective team. With our staff intranet solution, we provide the means for all government employees to stay up-to-date and have access to all essential information housed in a single, easily accessible, and simple-to-maintain platform.

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Recreation Guide

Keep recreational program information organized and simple with our CiviKit recreation guide. This digital platform simplifies programs searches by use of categories and filters, all customizable and editable by you. 

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