CiviKit Government Website Solution Fees

CiviKit provides out-of-the-box website, engagement, and intranet solutions for local governments. We keep the pricing for CiviKit solutions simple, with a one-time implementation fee and a yearly all-inclusive platform fee covering secure hosting, maintenance, support, and ongoing improvements. The below information will provide a relative range, for a more specific estimate feel free to use the button below to request a quote! 

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One-Time Implementation Fees

When you purchase a CiviKit website, engagement platform, or Intranet solution, implementation includes the initial setup, implementation with your brand and colours, platform training, and on select platforms, content migration. The service fees depend on the specific requirements and size of your site, typically ranging from $5,000 to $9,000 Many of our implementations are at the low end of this range, providing a budget-friendly solution for our clients.

Ongoing Hosting & Platform Services Fees

Ongoing service fees for your CiviKit website cover managed industry-leading hosting, daily backups, security updates, bug fixes, help documentation, daily backups, user management, and ongoing platform improvements. These fees typically range from $2,600 to $3,600 annually depending on the platform and the number of secure users.

Implementation Fees include:

  • Best practice setup of digital platform
  • Access to associated responsive design template(s)
  • Customization to match your brand (logo, colours, and a best-match font)
  • Content migration from old to new website with best practices recommendations
  • Seamless content editing through a leading content management system (CMS)
  • Dedicated training session
  • Staging website access for testing and finalization before release
  • Smooth launch process with zero downtime
  • Accessibility compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA & Section 508
  • Multiple user roles preset with a standard workflow
  • Connecting to third-party applications through iFrame or link-away 

Hosting & Platform Services include:

  • Industry-leading, hosting infrastructure via AWS
  • Information privacy compliance
  • Daily snapshot backups to protected servers, ensuring continuity
  • Maintenance, optimization, and security of server hardware, software, and databases
  • 24/7 monitoring of site uptime, with proactive reporting in the case of a disruption
  • Security updates with zero-downtime
  • Bug (technical error) fixes
  • Secure maintenance of webforms, for protection against evolving spam bots
  • User role management support
  • Ongoing platform improvements for enhanced user experience
  • ReCAPTCHA maintenance of webforms, for protection against spam bots

Security is a top priority

Platform services are required to ensure your solution remains secure and optimized. We provide the same high-level security, monitored hosting, and core CMS updates regardless of municipal size. Additionally, CiviKit clients receive dedicated technical support and future functionality enhancements as they become available.

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