Municipal Website Templates

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Municipal Website Templates

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High-end, Affordable Website Solution

CiviKit municipal website templates allow smaller governments to offer their citizens similar online experiences to larger governments at a fraction of the cost by utilizing tried-and-tested tools and functionality. We offer pricing to fit your budget, with flexible payment options that can be tailored to your municipality's needs.

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Hickory Template

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Willow Template

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No-fuss Setup

We know the importance of a quick and easy turnaround, which is why we ensure a seamless transition between your current site and the one we build for you. We will:

  • Brand your new website following your existing guidelines
  • Migrate your existing content onto the new website 
  • Train and provide help and support resources to ensure you're proficient on the new website
  • Handle a seamless launch process
  • Secure, provide technical maintenance, ongoing support, and host your site indefinitely

    CiviKit Websites: Process & Timeline

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